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About Us

We at Pressure One strive to achieve the utmost in workmanship. I, Frank Tedesco, started Pressure One, a Plumbing and Drain Service, in 2001. Pressure One currently has over a thousand satisfied customers, which hold this company in high regard as a result of its excellent workmanship and upfront dealings in supplying their needs. Although a reasonably small business, Pressure One still maintains these customers, which include many businesses, both small and large. Currently we service Black and McDonald, Ellis Don, Laurentide Kitchen Cabinets, Regina Gardens and Valery Homes, just to name a few. Our services include all drain related calls from plugged sinks and toilets to main lines in buildings. We are fully equipped from small drain snakes (for sinks) to large drain snakes (for main lines), we also have 2 hydro flushers. We have C.C.T.V. video inspection units that are capable of locating many different issues within drains and locating these issues with pinpoint accuracies. We also service all plumbing related issues from installing a faucet to roughing in new plumbing for a bathroom. Pressure One is fully licensed and insured. We are a part of the BBB and carry the highest rating possible. We are usually able to respond to emergency calls immediately.

Contact us today at 905-594-1548 to find out how we can help you. Itís our pleasure!

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